Cын Виктории Бекхэм мечтает съехать от матери
Brooklyn Beckham is moving to America.

Victoria Beckham with son Brooklyn

Photo: @victoriabeckham (Instagram Victoria Beckham)

The eldest son of Victoria Beckham not only willing, but also eager to leave
the family nest. As it became known, Brooklyn, which recently celebrated its
18th birthday plans at least a long time if not forever to leave
The UK, where he was born and raised. About it reported the edition femalefirst.co.uk.

“I really want to learn the art of photography in America after
finished school in Britain!” — admitted Brooklyn. As told the son of Victoria, this
in the fall he intends to go overseas and start learning in the University. What
that is the school he chose, Brooklyn has not yet announced. But he talked about his
plans to combine at the high school playing sports and photography. “I
love football, but his career would like to make it as a photographer!” –
said the young man.

Brooklyn has already managed to achieve the first successes in the field of photography.
No wonder the leadership Burberry has trusted him
to work on a marketing campaign for his collection. Besides, this year on
the bookstores will be the first album of his pictures, consisting of
more than 300 shots.

By the way, although the Brooklyn claims that are so eager to study in
America, from a purely professional considerations, his friends claim that
this is not the only and not the main reason for his decision. The fact that
although he is very attached to her family and her parents, Brooklyn is tired enhanced
mother’s care. After all, Victoria constantly strives to monitor every step
his now adult son, and even tries to interfere in his relationship with