Mom Keti Topuria confirmed that her daughter no longer lives with her husband

Мама Кети Топурия подтвердила, что дочка больше не живет с мужем
The singer went with her husband to different continents after the scandal with her “cheating”.

Keti Topuria and Lev gaykhman

Photo: @keti_one_official Instagram Keti Topuria

Mom Keti Topuria Natalia made an unexpected confession: her daughter with her husband (businessman Leo gaykhman — Approx. ed.) is now overcome a serious crisis in relations. As it became known, after exposing the “romance” singer with rapper Body marriage artist is literally bursting at the seams. Some time ago, the husband Katie has gone to work in the States, and Topuria with his daughter Olivia remained in Moscow. Separation of the spouses lasts for quite some time, and none of them has not yet committed to reunification. Moreover, the mother of the singer is not sure that summer vacation left for different continents, the pair will spend together.

“Katie has no plans to move… she has a job, band!” — says Natalia in the interview show, “You’re not gonna believe this!”. Last time, gaykhman, according to mom Katie, went to see his wife and daughter in December last year. Just shortly before the scandal with the alleged infidelity of the singer.

However, Katie herself is not worried about his marriage and says that in her relationship with her husband a full order. However, she admits that she is so loved being a mom that she easily would have a second child. But her colleagues in the group “A Studio” I beg her not to leave now on maternity leave.

Recall that in late January, broke the scandal because of the “romance” with Katie rapper Body. In the network appeared the information that the stars are supposedly Dating and even went on holiday to Thailand, where they filmed the paparazzi. However Topuria has denied speculation that she cheated on the spouse. “My husband and I haven’t broken up. And with a Body and a group of Center we’ve been friends for a long time, even before the songs together, we have a very good relationship, we communicate. We did not rest together, and the photos not me!” — she said then.