The son of Tatiana Vasilyeva married pregnant girlfriend

Сын Татьяны Васильевой женился на беременной подруге People’s artist is preparing to become a grandmother. The wedding ceremony took place in a humble setting wedding outfits, the couple chose a casual dress. A family friend Stas Sadalsky congratulated the couple in a peculiar ironic manner.

      In family life Tatyana Vasilyeva is coming replenishment. Son of people’s artist Philip tied the knot with his fiancée, who is nine months pregnant. Young actress Maria Bolonkina can have a baby from day to day. The whole family is in happy expectation of a miracle.

      Interestingly, recently hosted another major event in the life of Philip. Son Vasilyeva officially legalized relationship with his bride. The girl rounded tummy which has caused a real emotion of others, went to one of capital registry offices, accompanied by partner and those closest to you. The lovers gave each other an oath of love and put their painting in the book of registration of marriages. For celebration they are not picked up luxurious wedding dresses, and appeared at the ceremony in clothes in a casual style.

      “After the betrayal of Anastasia Begunova, girls from Omsk and their two children, Philip Vasiliev fell in love with the actress Bolonkina. That is certainly, the Holy place is never empty… on Saturday in Tagansky registry office has registered a new couple children. So, in the ninth month Bolonkina Maria became Maria Vasilyeva”, – said in his microblog glad tidings family friend Stas Sadalsky.

      By the way, the actor has repeatedly demonstrated an awareness of personal family lens. Sadalsky very critical comments about the son of a famous actress. According to Stanislav, 36-year-old Philip still sitting on the neck of the mother.

      “Never ceases to delight the mother of the boy Philip, issued his, then his wife’s apartment, bought by the mother, half a million euros donated by the grandmother to the grandchildren gave her. The wife, despite luxury gifts mother-in-law, went to another, got pregnant. Filippok did not want to be left behind: found the girl Mary, and she the same to give birth. What a happy grandma! Will soon be another mouth, only manage to drive across the country with concerts. We wish good health of the horse mother of Philip Vasiliev!”, – ironically noticed Sadalsky on Instagram earlier.

      Tatiana Vasilyev stole hundreds of thousands of euros

      Recall that Philip was indeed married to actress Anastasia Begunova. It is believed that their marriage ended because of infidelity women. The press reported that the daughter also was blackmailing mother in law, demanding for the meeting of the artist with his grandchildren the money.