The son of Tatiana Bulanova six years with no contact with father

Сын Татьяны Булановой шесть лет не общался с отцом Alexander needed the advice of the Pope. The son of Tatiana Bulanova now 25 years. The young man admits that he always tried to be financially independent from their parents, but nevertheless, he wanted native people participated in his life.
Сын Татьяны Булановой шесть лет не общался с отцом

The singer Tatyana Bulanova has two sons – Alexander senior and Junior Nikita. Now 25-year-old young man works as a Barista in a coffee shop. Despite the fact that he was educated cook-technologist, while still a student realized that he likes to create drinks, and therefore got a job in a coffee shop. Tatiana is happy that her son found the case for everyone.

Alexander admitted that he has a very warm relationship with her mother, but with father Nikolai Tagriny he did not communicate for a long time. The young man regretted that the Pope could not maintain his advice when he needed it, and now he’s in a position to make decisions. The guy understands that parents always help him financially, but never asked them for money, because they believed it unacceptable for men.

“Yes, the last six years did not communicate. Before, when I was more popular and he appeared on television, talked. The Council did not help, had little contact at that time, when I needed advice. Money didn’t help, and I especially don’t ask, uncomfortable. I think he’ll have me help,” admitted Alexander.
Сын Татьяны Булановой шесть лет не общался с отцом

The young man admitted that he has a great relationship with my mom – she often comes to work for him. Despite the fact that Tatiana isn’t a big fan of coffee, always drink what was prepared for the son, because he guesses her taste. After work, they often walk along the embankments of Saint-Petersburg or go to the movies. Alexander admits that fans of moms do not always surround them.

“If she’s all painted up, you know,” said the young man.

But in Alexander’s life has a place not only walks with mom. Little more than a year, he meets a girl. Son Bulanova admits to having already introduced the beloved with a mother, and she was pleased with his choice. While the guy thinks about marriage, but does not exclude that will make the lady an offer of marriage.

Guests of the program “the Stars aligned” I remembered that when-that Alexander also sang on the big stage. The son of Tatiana Bulanova did not want to connect his life with show business, as it believes its voice is not so good. The guy told me that he has a great relationship with his younger brother. The son of Tatiana Bulanova: “mother’s songs I don’t like”

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