The son of Maria Shukshina has changed beyond recognition after the scandal with the DNA

Сын Марии Шукшиной изменился до неузнаваемости после скандала с ДНК-тестом
Mired in a showdown with former lover Makar Kasatkina impossible to know.

Сын Марии Шукшиной изменился до неузнаваемости после скандала с ДНК-тестом

The Son Of Maria Shukshina Makar

Has around of a scandal involving DNA test
which had to go to the son of Mary Shukshina Makar. Once was
the published results of the study showed that the father of Freya’s child
Zilber is it, Maria Shukshina said it was ready to accept the baby and
to help a young mother financially. In
unlike the actress, he Makar did not comment on the situation. He did not intend
meet up with former lover and doesn’t want to see my son. However, journalists
was able to remove the video Makar and was amazed at how much he has changed
over the past six months. Kasatkin scored more than a dozen pounds and do not
similar to the high-toned young man, which was in the spring.

“He just looked at me. His eyes to the floor,
retreated to the corners. I don’t know what happened to him. I just hope he
all is well”, — shared his feelings with Freya, adding that she’s not
ready to give son to the foster family of Maria Shukshina.

We will remind, the actress is more friendly. When
came the results of the DNA test, she made an optimistic statement.

“That’s finally all cleared up, wrote the star in your
microblog a few days ago. For all friends, enemies and just
curious: we have just received the results of genetic examination
(DNA), held in a Federal institution of medical. We don’t like to be
unfounded and redundant, we were waiting for the facts. The result showed that the child
our. And we are very happy! Alimony Macarena in the manner prescribed by law
will be paid regularly. Moreover, we would not be opposed to
he was brought up in our family, but it is only in the case if the mother
the child herself will give us it. In our country all the rights to the mother. The world

Maria Shukshina and Makar Kasatkin