Сын Альбины Джанабаевой поставил родителей перед фактом
Became known why the singer is hiding the children from the public.

Albina Dzhanabaeva

Photo: Social networks

Many still blame Albina Dzhanabaeva for the broken family of Valery Meladze. The couple have been together for over 14 years and has two children. Daughter from the first marriage she was able to forgive dad for leaving, and his ex-wife Irina, it seems, is happy in a new relationship. Despite all this, Albina often criticized in social networks. Dzhanabaeva recently said that her life was a very difficult period, but now he has overcome: she can openly call myself happy and not afraid of the consequences.

The eldest son Dzhanabaeva a month ago, at the age of 14. In honor of his birthday in a Network there are a few rare shots where stellar mom posing with her son. These frames, according to the singer, unique — others in the near future the Network will not. Why? Because Constantine urged parents not to publish his photo in microblogging. He took a strong stance: he does not need to be out on the streets, as the son dzhanabaeva and Meladze.

“Now we can speak openly happy. A lot has happened inside me, I calmed down and lifted part of his life. I am pleased to get feedback from followers on Instagram. I was quite closed personal life and still believe, that did not remove the barrier completely, — says Albina. For example, don’t really need to show kids to upload their photos. By the way, the older son already had an even opinion on this matter. He doesn’t want to know. And we must respect that right to privacy. Just two years ago, we both participated in a photo shoot for the magazine, he was exciting and interesting, but now it’s different. Says: “you, parents, it’s part of the job, I don’t!”

Constantine because of his age, according to the mother, now a part of defending their rights. Thus he considered, and it is difficult for him to impose someone else’s opinion. Albina said that the eldest son supports her. He is kind and responsive. But the younger three year old Luke is growing his complete opposite. “He’s explosive, loud and demanding. Still, the name has influence on a person. When choosing, I looked through the specs but did not think that so all will match!” — quoted by Albina Wday.ru.