Солист «Ласкового мая» празднует пополнение в семье Dmitry Anxiety became a father. Beloved party’s top staff presented him with a lovely baby, who was named in honor of producer Andrey Razin. Relatives and friends of the happy parents want their child to grow up healthy and strong.
Солист «Ласкового мая» празднует пополнение в семье

Monday, July 10, in the life of the soloist of group “Tender may” was a joyful event: Dmitry Anxiety became a father. The choice of the artist Marianne gave him a cute son. Lovers have decided to name the baby in honor of the producer of the team. News about the new addition to the family of the young man said producer Andrey Razin. On his page in Instagram he posted a photo of Dmitry, which holds the baby in her arms. Anxiety itself seems to be very happy.

The producer thanked Dmitry for its token. Apparently, the man was touched by the act of the soloist of popular group.

“Group “Tender may” congratulates the soloist Dima trouble with the birth of a son. He was born on 10 July 2017 at 6 am. Dima and Marianne decided son called Andrew, in honour of me (so did the musician Sergey Lenyk, who named her son Andrew). Thank you,” said Razin.

Followers of Andrew wished the family of the artist all the best. “And my congratulations Dima and Mariana! Let baby grow healthy and sturdy. Happiness and love them. Well done, that I named my son after you”, “Very beautiful name, it always liked me”, “We are very pleased,” wrote social media users.

We will add that Dmitry Anxiety became a soloist of the popular group after he participated in the casting of the film “Tender may”. Young artistic people like the producer of the group Andrey Razin, however, the picture is not included. It turned out that Dmitri is older than needed. The resulting Anxiety, whose real name Veselovsky became a soloist of the group.

It is worth noting that the young man not only stands in the group “Tender may” and gives concerts in different cities of Russia, but also has a blog on YouTube. Anxiety is an avid fisherman and devotes his hobby time consuming. So, in one of the recent videos Dmitriy spoke about how they caught pike on the Azov estuaries of Krasnodar region.

“Hello all outdoor enthusiasts! I’m Dima and I often travel to Russia, on my channel you will be able to observe the interesting moments of my life, and for fishing adventures which are geographically scattered throughout the country! If you have the desire to go on joint fishing or to ride, write in comments or me on mail” – written in the annotation to the channel a young man.