Сергей Лазарев прокомментировал уход со сцены The musician explained to the fans. Sergey Lazarev issued a statement in which he spoke about his future plans. The musician decided to be very Frank with devoted fans.

Recently it has been rumored that Sergey Lazarev is going to leave the scene. Some reported that two years later, the artist intends to fully immerse yourself in the art of theater and to suspend his musical career. Fans even began to panic and get upset that their favorite singer wants to say goodbye to the stage.

Sergey Lazarev admitted that he was surprised at such news. He decided to shed some light on the situation and apologized for words that were, in his opinion, misinterpreted.

“Speaking about his theatrical works, I said that a new show with my participation will be, likely in 2019, and that rehearsal time (2-3 months), I’ll have to suspend concert activity to a fully immersive theatrical process (as was the case with the preparation of performances of “the Marriage of Figaro” and “Talents and the Dead”). Neither of which the completion of a musical career was out of the question… on the contrary! This fall a new album, will soon present its production of the project in 2018 – new show and a great tour!” – told the artist.

Fans were pleased that the artist found time to contact them. They were glad that the news about what Lazarev leaves the stage, were no more than rumors.

“And didn’t believe. Where we’ll let you go!?”, “I won’t believe it. You never leave what you wanted”, “Boy that commented. And that in fact many really happened” “We know, Serge,” wrote the loyal fans.

Lazarev does not get tired to thank the fans who adore his work for a long time. During his musical career the artist has won various awards, and represented Russia at the international Eurovision song contest in 2016 and took third place. Sergey Lazarev spoke about the plagiarism of your room at the “Eurovision”

Many compositions of Sergei immediately become hits. 12 years ago a man began a solo career, leaving the group Smash!!, where she sang with Vlad Topalov in the last four years. During independent work, he has released four albums. Now the artist goes on tour with the show The Best in different cities of the world.