The soloist of group “Yin-Yang” for the first time became a mother

Солистка группы «Инь-Ян» впервые стала мамой Tatiana Bogacheva gave birth to a daughter. The heiress of the singer came to light two days ago, but today the actress announced this to his fans. Mother and newborn baby are doing well and preparing for discharge.

      Солистка группы «Инь-Ян» впервые стала мамой

      The soloist of popular group “Yin-Yang” Tatiana Bogacheva first became a mother. Joyful event in the life of the singer and her lover Artem Ivanov made a second of may. However, the young mother just now decided to share one of the important events in their lives. Baby was born weighing just over three kilograms and height 51 cm.

      “May the second – best day of my life! Thank you, dear!” – break the news to Tatiana in the microblog.

      Now graduates of “factory of stars-7” also received numerous congratulations from fans and colleagues.

      “Cheers. Congratulations to you, Tanya. Be healthy!”, “Congratulations on the birth of a daughter. Baby health, good appetite and sound sleep”, “Hooray! Cheers! Cheers! Tanya, dear, congratulations on your daughter! Health to you and the Princess a big, fat, and the rest will all be! Live in peace, happiness and love”, – addressed kind words to the numerous followers a newly minted mom.

      A newborn girl the parents gave the name of Alexander. Now young mum and the baby are preparing for discharge from hospital.

      Apparently, Tatiana without complications tolerate pregnancy. Unlike many women who prefer to spend the last days of waiting for a child in quiet and peaceful places, the singer was not confined in meetings with friends and entertainment. 31-year-old actress along with her lover, resting on a noisy party.

      Tatiana Bogacheva, Artem Ivanov and did not disclose the sex of a child. Also young people are not misleading, are to register their relationship, which has gone on for quite a long time.

      They met in 2007, when the artists only became participants of the popular project “star Factory-7”. Fans began to follow the development of the novel of the contestants. After the musical show Konstantin Meladze, who was the mentor of the seventh season of reality TV, I formed the group “Yin-Yang”, which is now sing Tatiana Bogacheva, Artem Ivanov and Sergei Ashihmin. According to Bogacheva and Ivanova, they try to separate work from personal life. Therefore, even at times settle in different rooms on tour, not to be tired from each other.

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