Ани Лорак удивила фанатов снимком без макияжа
The singer showed looks like without makeup.

Ani Lorak

Photo: @anilorak happy Instagram Ani Lorak

Ani Lorak recently shared a photo which showed her face without makeup. The singer showed a perfect skin condition, and this, despite the daily stage makeup! Fans of the actress said that 37-year-old Lorak looks in the natural very fresh and beautiful.

“Charming and sexy! However,as always, gorgeous!”, “She is tender and beautiful without makeup!”, Well, you look 18, it is not hard to believe that soon 38…”, “all the other people! Very nice!” commented the subscribers Lorak.

By the way, recently it became known that the singer and her husband had acquired the property in Moscow. However, this does not mean that she is now permanently moved to the capital. She has housing and also in Turkey, where her husband, Murat Nalchajian, and in Kiev, they also contemplating on buying a small house in Spain. Lorac likes to relax there with her husband and their five year old daughter, Sofia.

By the way, this summer, the singer with her husband celebrated their copper wedding. The singer admitted in an interview with 7days.ru that their relations were not always in harmony. At one time, agreed with Superga had a terrible fight because of her touring schedule, which had little time for family. However, the pair managed to overcome all difficulties and now in their marriage there is complete harmony.