Дженнифер Энистон отказала Брэду Питту в поддержке
The actress and her husband had fled from scandal in new York.

Brad pitt and Jennifer aniston

Photo: Legion-media

The divorce of Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie attracted media attention only to the star pair, but to Jennifer aniston. Members of the media waited a long time from aniston official comment about the breakup of her ex-husband with Jolie. The next day after the divorce, the press has appear the headlines that Jennifer supposedly gloating about the divorce. Soon, however, her representative denied this information. However, if aniston and demonstrates openly his joy about the scandalous breakup Angelina and brad, and to support her ex-husband, it seems, does not intend to.

The fact that aniston has not commented on the divorce pitt and not rises to his defense. But over the past few days, the efforts of the tabloids, his reputation was completely crushed. Portrait of today’s brad in the media looks that way: “alcoholic, abusing soft drugs, brutally applied with their children.” After several controversial statements close friends Jolie, a Hollywood in absentia, without presented evidence, took her side in high-profile divorce. Pitt now as no one needs support, and who would be better able to refute the words of Angelina, no matter how aniston, who has lived happily married for five years?

Incidentally, during a recent divorce Johnny Depp with amber heard, his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis was ready to give his defense testimony under oath. She publicly denied the words heard, accusing Depp of domestic violence, which greatly helped him in the end.

But Jennifer to help your ex “soulmate” is not in a hurry. She and her current husband Justin Theroux ran away from the hype. While Jolie and pitt are active in the fight for children, which brad is clearly losing, aniston walks with her husband in new York and looks absolutely happy. Apparently, Jennifer was never able to forgive pitt the insult inflicted on them when he ran away from her to angelina and now just “clears” for causing her pain.