Певец сделал 300 пластических операций

Wanting to become a woman, Pete burns made a record number of operations.

In our time, in order to change gender, you need two things – will and money. 15 years ago, the soloist of the British rock group Dead or Alive Pete burns decided to radically change his life and become a… woman!

Hormone therapy helped the man, but rhinoplasty was unsuccessful. After surgery Pete was awake in the blood, and the specialist said that the surgery was unsuccessful…

But burns took himself in hand and went back under the knife to fix his nose. And then he made 2 rhinoplasty, implants in the cheeks, constant injections in the lips… and again And again.

After another unsuccessful procedure, the gel from the lips began to spread around the face that led to the formation of holes in the skin, according to the court, Pete was awarded 450 million dollars! This money was sufficient for 200 operations, which the singer did for two years.

Burns is not going to stop and plans to do many more surgeries to achieve the “ideal”. However, doctors warn that 57-year-old Pete, after all these operations, the heart can not bear, but the man is adamant.

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