Тайное стало явным: что скрывали ото всех Хабенский, Боярская и Аршавин Graphologist told “StarHit” about some of the secrets of the stars. Candidate of psychological Sciences Larisa Drygval explained why a famous football player is going through because of work, and the theater and film actress living separately from their spouse.

      Тайное стало явным: что скрывали ото всех Хабенский, Боярская и Аршавин

      According to experts, each person’s handwriting can tell a lot about him. Graphologist Larisa Drygval analyzed several records rssiyskih stars and told a lot about them. Candidate of psychological Sciences explained the “StarHit”, as Andrei Arshavin chooses his wives, why is Elizaveta Boyarskaya’s jealous son, and also revealed many new details about the identity of Konstantin Khabensky.


      Player’s nervous about problems with work

      Тайное стало явным: что скрывали ото всех Хабенский, Боярская и Аршавин

      Andrei Arshavin, at his peak three years playing for English club Arsenal, from March 2016 work in Kazakhstan “Kairat”. In private life 35-summer Andrey has also changed to 1 September last year, he married model Alice Catimini. With the heirs of an Alliance with TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya – 11-year-old Tom, 8-year-old Yana and 4-year-old Arseniy – Andrew communicates.

      Andrey Arshavin: “I stayed and have no regrets”

      “The handwriting is Andrew rounded, careless, separate, letters close to the standard, he writes gramotno-slow – says a certified graphologist, Ph. D. Larisa Drygval. – People with this style of handwriting introverts, they tend not to show their feelings. This explains his attitude towards the children while they are small, not very interested to spend time with them. The kids even frequent crying, cause him irritation. Outwardly, he always calm, even nerdy, but if angry, could raise a hand and the woman – truth, for this she need to try. Generally be the wife of Arshavin is not easy. It constantly need to surprise, before her husband not to relax, walk around in a Bathrobe and curlers, it will not feed yesterday’s soup – it requires only fresh meals… to Andrey it is necessary that the wife was for him and the mother cared for, nurtured. Under the mask of masculinity and even grubovato Arshavin hiding infantile child who requires a lot of attention. In his career Andrew the perfectionist, and of course hurt that he played in Europe, and now driving the ball in Kazakhstan. But he takes the not – very proud. Nevertheless, play carelessly, or as in his case, his socks, not his style, he always gives 100%”.


      Lisa boyars, fled from her husband for her career

      Тайное стало явным: что скрывали ото всех Хабенский, Боярская и Аршавин

      In April last year “StarHit” it became known that the marriage of Lisa and her husband, actor Maxim Matveyev, close to collapse – this was confirmed by colleagues of the stars. Celebrity chose not to comment on the news and continue to live in two cities: Lisa Peter, and Maxim in Moscow.

      “It is possible that boyars not divorced for the sake of image of the ideal family, believes Drygval. – Lisa the handwriting is small, simplified, angular, well-organized, with large distances between words and lines. This suggests that the actress rational approach to life, it is more based on common sense and logic than on emotions. Therefore, if it is beneficial to the surrounding thought that they with Maxim are all smooth, she to the last to maintain this illusion.”

      “Elizabeth the man discreet, on the scandals because of the scattered socks or to confess a hundred times a day Maxim in love will not. Emotions only showing in an intimate setting and instead to cause a scene, make a note – they say, dear, why such a mess? But she is jealous and possessive – fans attention to Maxim hurts her, although she never demonstrates. By nature, Lisa is not her primary career. That’s why she went after her husband to Moscow, where he went to act in films, actress are unable to sacrifice the work at the Maly drama theatre for the sake of marriage. But she’s the perfect mom, closely following the son’s health, his nutrition and development, not forgetting to be gentle and affectionate with the baby,” added graphologist.


      Keira Knightley donates family for charity

      Actor January 11, celebrated its 45th anniversary. Last year Constantine for the second time became Pope – from celebrities and his wife, the actress Olga Litvinova, a daughter. Knightley also has a 9-year-old son John from his first marriage with journalist Anastasia Smirnova, who died December 1, 2008 from brain cancer. Constantine founded a charity Foundation for children with cancer and other serious diseases, which works to this day, saving the lives of hundreds of kids.

      “Handwriting Constantine small, simplified, with pronounced upper hinges, well organized on paper, with large distances between words and lines, – explains Larissa. The combination of such signs reflects the intellectual basis of the individual, it is rational that all weighs, ponders, before you make a decision. To find a spiritual sense, the main theme of people of this type. Constantine in nature there is a need for spiritual development. In the rush to support everyone around him, he often ignores his own needs in relax and pleasure is better Khabensky will hold another charity event, than go to relax with the family. He’s a man with a high level of development. He is one of those fathers that and diaper change the baby, and sleep will take him down. However, he does not divide children on and another’s, for him all are equal”.

      …Celebrity family builds on the principle of trust – the actor will never check his wife’s phone and it requires the same cleanliness. He never raises voice, pounding his fist on the table, all the conflicts with his wife decides the method of dialogue. Constantine will be all day saying to his wife, he loves her, but instead I go and prepare her Breakfast or will change the tires on her car”.