Пелагея впервые стала мамой Ivan Telegin told about the new addition to the family after the match. After winning the semi-final of one tournament, the hockey player told reporters that he dedicated the win to the successor, which came to light on the evening of 21 January. For a long time, the public was wondering when they Pelaga become parents.

      Пелагея впервые стала мамой

      Pelageya and her husband Ivan Telegin became parents for the first time. After the victory in the semifinals over the team of the Bobrov division of the KHL star told of the birth of a female heir. It turned out that a girl named Taisia. Many fans of the famous couple was looking forward to the moment when it happens. For several months in the media there was information that the singer had given birth, but doesn’t want to publicize this event.

      Discussing passionate Pelageya photos from the wedding

      “When a goal is scored, rocked the stick, because the child was born. Yesterday a girl called Taisia. Me at the stadium was presented as a gift roly-poly doll”, – said the athlete.

      By the way, the mother of the singer earlier said that she was tired from the constant attacks from the fans and the press. “This is intolerable! Please, leave us alone, – said Svetlana. – Neither I, nor the Pelagia will not discuss her personal life.” Despite the pleas of a mother in a few weeks, fans have discussed that the actress gave birth to a daughter in early December, but none of the relatives of the ex-the mentor show “the Voice” did not confirm these data.

      Note that Pelagia until recently, not attracted the public attention to its interesting position. Fans tried in vain to find out any details. It has rarely been published family pictures. Every frame followers wanted to see a rounded tummy stars. Obviously, waiting for the firstborn young woman didn’t want her interesting position was widely discussed on the Internet.

      Anyway, most fans Pelagia repeatedly said that their favorite was to look different, and spiteful critics even accuse her of plastic. However, according to many fans, with pregnancy Pelagia literally blossomed.

      Recall that the wedding of Ivan Telegin and Pelagia took place on 16 June last year. It was held in a narrow circle of relatives and friends. Immediately after the wedding the couple went on a honeymoon in Greece. Many friends of the singer said that she will not soon return to the stage, as plans to raise the child herself. “Do little Paul plans without the help of nannies, – told the friend of Olesya star. – Next to her mother Light. My husband is Ivan, by the way, I have experience in the education of children: he raised 6-month-old son Mark, has not yet left the family”.