The SCANDAL: in Moscow robbed the apartment of Nastasya Samburski

СКАНДАЛ:  в Москве обокрали квартиру Настасьи Самбурской
The actress said that her lost valuables and money.

Nastasya Samburski

Photo: Instagram

For Nastasya Samburski and other details show on the Network his life was a lesson of the incident, which occurred on Friday afternoon.

Posting photos, reporting on his every step, the stars themselves give thieves and burglars the green color is to attack.

Samburski did not have time to settle in her new apartment,
to equip the space, arrange furniture and commemorative statues, as she was robbed. It happened this afternoon when
Nastasia was at the premiere of “Salem witches” at the theater on
Malaya Bronnaya.

After returning home,
Samburski found the apartment ransacked, it was all a terrible mess. Actress
said that she stole a commemorative grandma’s ring, favorite watch, the Rolex, and
also a large sum of money which intended for payment for the apartment
taken in installments.

According to Samburski, no technique, no laptop, no phone, no
plasma did not take anything. Most of the time upset missing the Granny ring,
after all, it was her keepsake.

By the way, the actress has always emphasized in his interviews,
what all she has achieved, she didn’t have
relations, support and assistance. When she came
in Moscow, in the pocket was a small insignificant amount of money. Therefore, it is doubly sad that she lost what he earned for many years.