Представитель Дженнифер Энистон прокомментировал ее интересное положение

The representative of the actress Jennifer aniston didn’t give us the time to rejoice the news of her pregnancy.

The Trustee of the star of “Friends” were quick to clarify the situation and noted that, unfortunately for many, Jen is not pregnant: “She’s not pregnant. All you have seen is only the result of a hearty and tasty lunch, and enjoy Jennifer your personal time away from the media attention”.

In fairness recognize that during the holidays it is difficult to resist some Goodies, and just the opportunity to relax and enjoy the water, sand, sun. Apparently well behaved Jen in the Bahamas, where he was photographed by paparazzi.

Earlier, aniston in rather harshly answered the questions of journalists who blatantly interested “When first son is born?”: “I don’t like the pressure that people put on me, on other women — in their opinion, you are unable to realize myself as a woman, if you gave someone life. I think it is unfair. Yes, you may not have given birth, but this does not mean that you have not developed the maternal instinct — you can with the same care and love to treat the dog, friends or children of friends. Say about me only in this way that the actress is one of those who focuses only on herself, she doesn’t want to be a mother, how she’s selfish”.

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