The reburial of Vladimir Lenin has sparked controversy in the state Duma

Перезахоронение Владимира Ленина вызвало споры в Госдуме In the Lower house are actively discussing the issue of removing the mausoleum. The experts shared with “StarHit” the opinions on this subject. The Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Vyacheslav Bocharov believes that there is no need to get rid of the body of Lenin, and according to Alexey Muraviev, to store the remains of the leader – not the Russian custom.
Перезахоронение Владимира Ленина вызвало споры в Госдуме

In connection with the approaching centenary of the October revolution in the state Duma raised the issue of the reburial of Vladimir Lenin. This initiative was initiated by deputies of the LDPR. Members of the Communist party faction voted against a United Russia abstained, although at first voted in favor of removing the mausoleum from red square, but later withdrew the signature. Experts argue, whether the place of Lenin in the main square of the country.



Перезахоронение Владимира Ленина вызвало споры в Госдуме

“Although as an Orthodox I believe that Lenin should be given land, but, in my opinion, now is not the time for such radical solutions. Yes, according to the VTsIOM poll, 60% of Russians were in favour of the body of the deceased in red square was not, but read that 40% believe that Lenin is rightly in its place. With this percentage of opponents of the burial to divide society not worth it. And then, because take the body of Lenin from the mausoleum is bad.

And what to do with the remains of other rulers, resting at the Kremlin wall – Stalin, for example? Where to put urns in the wall, with the remains of astronauts, military leaders? Everything is one for one clings to, it’s the Acropolis… besides all the screaming that the corpse is not a place in the main square of the country will answer that we are not the first who holds the remains of prominent personalities: in Paris at Les Invalides, also in the city center, relics of Napoleon, but what about Egypt and can not speak with their mummies of the pharaohs, which annually go to watch thousands of tourists…

Why do we run ahead of the entire planet and rid the body of the leader? Moreover, many guests of the capital rush to see Lenin as historical value, otherwise you wouldn’t be in the queue to the tomb. We must not forget that the mausoleum is not only an the last refuge of Lenin, but is a scientific laboratory, which studied, in addition to issues of embalming, and many others. To prevent it? What a habit every year before the day of the birth of Lenin, April 22, trying to bury him?”



“Preservation of unburied bodies, the placing of the dead on display – custom is not Russian and our European civilization is unnatural, wrong with old traditional point of view. This Eastern trend, giving the witch spirit. Yes, the world really exists several mausoleums – the body scientist Nikolai Pirogov is stored in an estate near the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, the tomb in the Bulgarian Sofia once rested her head, Georgi Dimitrov, but… why are we anyone repeated? In the modern design of the device of our state, seeking to preserve the traditional Russian worldview and culture, and religious, – such savagery, as lying in the centre of the corpse, simply does not fit. Want to worship the person? Come to his grave…

But to keep the dead, to embalm him once a year, while replacing the plastic parts of rotting flesh is awful. Opponents of the burial claim that Lenin is our attraction: people supposedly from all over the world go to see it. Do not you think that the tourists stare at him as a wonder? Stunned – that’s the Russian guy!

I should note that as a historian I have nothing against the dust, and the bodies shall rest in the Kremlin wall and near him is another. It is not necessary to mix flies with cutlets: none of those who rest in coffins or urns, to pull no need. The question is not whether that someone is buried in the wrong place, and that the worship of the corpse in a glass box, alien to our culture. The mausoleum to be demolished is not necessary, let it be, it can be transformed into some technical need, or just leave as a decorative element red square.”