Звезда реалити-шоу сделала селфи на фоне умершей бабушки

The death of our loved ones, family members – a tragedy with which everyone copes in their own way. But as the death of his grandmother he responded to the participant of one of the American reality show, shocked the Internet users.

As writes the edition of The Mirror, a girl named Chloe ferry released the in your account in one of social networks, signing it: “Rest with the worlds grandma. I’ll never forget.” It’s one thing if Chloe was exhibited in the Network a picture in which she is shown with her grandmother, for example, a few years ago, ie when she was in health.

But Ferri did differently: for everyone to see she put up a selfie taken with the background of the grandmother, who is unconscious lying in a hospital bed. In this case, a dying woman on the face of the oxygen mask.

Hardly the time to appear online, the girl barrage of criticism. Internet users insisted that the girl had finally gone insane, since it considers it appropriate to make such posts and show such disrespect for his cousin.

Seeing these messages, the lady hastened to depart the. But their “moment of fame” she has already received.