Nanny almost killed the grandson of Susan Sarandon

Няня чуть не убила внука Сьюзан Сарандон

In the fall of 2016 Susan Sarandon again became a grandmother. The daughter of actress Eva Amurri birth to her second child – a boy of Madiera. Unlike most women, Eva chose home birth hospital. Its decision it argued that terrified of doctors, and home – a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

The baby was born healthy and strong, but after a few weeks with him had an accident that could cause serious harm to the health of the baby. Nanny, which was entrusted to the care of the child fell asleep in the chair holding him. When the sitter fell asleep, her hands, apparently relaxed and the baby fell on the floor.

Няня чуть не убила внука Сьюзан Сарандон

“Kylie and I were asleep at the time, and woke up to the sound of the impact of Majora on the floor and his heart-rending cry. He had a skull fracture and bleeding. The ambulance took us to the center of the Yale Medical Center, where we spent two horrific days, receiving care and taking various tests. To say that this time was the most alarming and tragic for me to say nothing. If you read my post about home birth, then you know how much I afraid of hospitals. This further complicated my situation at the time,” told eve.

A higher power has saved the child from more serious injuries. Now his health is not in danger: “through the prayers of the angel-the Keeper of Majora and all of our family son in order. In order. Despite the fact that he had a fracture, a displacement of the skull bones and bleeding, the brain itself was not affected and the bleeding was localized. MRI revealed no brain damage, no, the pediatricians and the neurologists gave us perfect forecasts, giving hope. Now we are absolutely happy. He is recovering quickly, laughing and otherwise shows us that with him all right.
But now I find it hard to trust anyone to care for Megarom. As soon as I hear him cry, instantly remember that night, my heart is trembling from fear and from his eyes tears. Never again I will not trust their children to strangers and take care of them myself.”