Насильник Дианы Шурыгиной обратился к ней Sergey Semenov, in the colony, told his version of what happened. Last spring, Diana Shurygina went to a party with unfamiliar company. After that, she accused two young men of rape, but only one guy landed in jail.

      Насильник Дианы Шурыгиной обратился к ней

      In late January, 17-year-old Diana Shurygina appeared in the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about the fact that she was the victim of a crime. Last spring she was at a party with his girlfriend. Despite the fact that the company has minor children, the teenagers decided not to limit themselves in alcoholic beverages. According to most of Diana, she drank quite a bit of vodka, and at the end of the evening was the victim of rape. Family Shurygina did not hide this fact from the public, and therefore sued by 21-year-old Sergei Semenov, and then called for the program “Let them talk”.

      Today, a young man who was sentenced to eight years in prison, gave an exclusive television interview from prison, where he turned to Diana.

      Appearing in the Studio “Let them talk” Shurygina are unable to control her emotions and burst into tears. She admitted that after the first broadcast, she became the victim of bullying online and in real life.

      “Everything that happens is horrible, I didn’t know that so many of these people” – she admitted through tears.
      Насильник Дианы Шурыгиной обратился к ней

      Accused of rape he has told his version of the incident. In his opinion, he had not done anything that would be contrary to the will of Diana.

      “I went to her, hugged her, she showed signs of attention, she undressed and did not resist. During intercourse she was acting relaxed, that is not given to understand that some violence. She was awake, as he said in the testimony. I do believe that it is impossible to fall asleep and Wake up when you are raped, no matter what the condition was not. She didn’t scream,” – said Semyonov.

      In the Studio there was a scandal about what Diana looks like a victim, and the first broadcast was even laughing and kept free. Sergey admitted that after prison, his life will never be the same, but he hopes to get an education and to establish a way of life.

      Experts in the Studio were surprised by the behavior of parents – how could they let a young girl in a mansion in a foreign company. According to Diana, the young man knew that she was only 16 years old. But Sergey told me that she did not call his age. He was surprised by the behavior of the girl – she behaved casually, they showed the tattoo, and immediately drank vodka. Semenov remembered that Shurygina sat on his lap and showed signs of attention. The young man turned to the girl.

      “Diana, I want you to know that you thought better of it and led a normal lifestyle to the whole situation that happened, it became a lesson for you and your parents. I don’t want harassment, I don’t need it,” said Semenov.
      Насильник Дианы Шурыгиной обратился к ней

      Sergei did not apologize, as he considers himself innocent. He tried by all means to prove their innocence to violence, but after an appeal he was able to reduce the period to three years imprisonment. He did not agree with the fact that he was charged and ready to fight to the end.

      In the Studio “Let them talk” came Diana’s mom Natalia. She saw nothing reprehensible to release a minor child with a friend in a country cottage.

      Насильник Дианы Шурыгиной обратился к ней

      Natalia said that after Diana told her about the rape, she told her to calm down and keep yourself alive by any means. However, Sergei remembered that during intercourse, the mother called the daughter, but the girl did not take up. Experts drew attention to the fact that neither Natalia nor Diana didn’t go to the police to be hot on the trail to figure things out. However, the girl’s mother said that when took his daughter for examination, and then reported the incident to law enforcement.