Внучку королевы не взяли на Олимпиаду
The daughter of Princess Anne remained without gold.

Внучку королевы не взяли на Олимпиаду

Queen Elizabeth II Zara Phillips

As reported by the British media
the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and daughter of Princess Anne Zara Phillips has experienced a terrible disappointment. Zara — famous
the rider, constantly and very successfully performed for the national team in Britain — has not got
in the Olympic team. She took part in a qualifying competition and, alas,
the results of the competition are not passed to the group of riders who
will defend the honor of the British team at the Olympics in Brazil.

Granddaughter Elizabeth is very angry
this turn of events, especially as all three of her girlfriends with whom she constantly
acts together, the team included. However, Zara has
excuse: she had to miss most of the season because of an injury her horse High Kingdom. But Phillips is so wanted to finally win
Olympic gold…

With The Dawn Of The Olympics
definitely not lucky. At the world Championships she has won the highest
places. For example, she received a gold medal in the individual event in
2005 championship in Blenheim, and
one gold in 2006 in Aachen. But
The Olympics she is lucky one
again: in 2012 in London she won a silver medal in the team event. Then,
by the way, Zara received a medal from his mother — daughter of the Queen, Princess Anne. And
The Olympic games of 2004 in Athens and at the games in China in 2008, Zara was out of the
competition due to injuries of the horse.

In 2008, a granddaughter of Queen
has happened a tragic story: her horse fell during
competitions, and Zara broke her collarbone. Her horse had
to sleep because his injury was incompatible with life.

Zara Phillips

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