Андрей Гайдулян продемонстрировал обручальное кольцо
The actor has intrigued fans and friends.

Андрей Гайдулян продемонстрировал обручальное кольцо

Andrew Hagolan has intrigued fans, appearing at the White Party within the festival not only in the society of his bride Diana Ochilboy, but also with
wedding ring on the hand. Gossips began to wonder when lovers
managed to sign. But, it turned out, the ring was presented to Andrei for a long time.

“The ring had been given to Andrew I — shared with 7days.ru Diana. We
celebrated then mini the date: six months of our relationship. Since
then Andrew is. Not always true, but wears quite often.”

The lovers have been together for five years. A year ago, before the tragic news of illness of the actor
the young people were going to get married. When in July, Diana and Andrew learned that
he has a serious illness, they, of course, was not before the Registrar. Now, when the doctors confirmed that Andrew is healthy, the couple had time to think about
joint future.

Recall that the star of the series “Sashatanya” this year
made perhaps one of the biggest mistakes of his life. A couple of months ago after
a long struggle with a serious illness the actor suddenly broke up with his fiancee Diana Ochilboy. Nobody expected that
lovers who before the illness Andrew was going
married and together they all fell the test, suddenly cease to be a couple. On that they parted, his followers on the social network said Diana. The girl was very upset by this period, wrote a sad letter in a personal blog, getting a lot of answers, full of sympathy, regret, and consolation.

In may, Andrew Hagolan resumed work in the TV series “Sashatanya”
together with Valentina
Scar and the other actors. The first reported that Diana. She was present at the site and personally
took a picture of the actors with the cinematic dish that symbolizes the beginning of
filming. Then it became known that the couple are back together.

Andrew Hagolan

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