Королева отказалась от рекомендованной ей врачами операции
Elizabeth II needed the help of surgeons for the second time in recent months.

Королева отказалась от рекомендованной ей врачами операции

Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth refused the necessary
surgery. She said that the recovery after surgery
take too much time, and this development she can not afford..

The Queen has long been complaining of severe pain
at the knees, and more recently she can’t get up
from his chair without assistance. Therefore, the doctors strongly recommended
her surgery to replace both knees
joints. At first she agreed, but knowing how much time after
she will have to restrict your mode of activity, Elizabeth strongly
rejected medical advice. She said that it would be better to endure pain than
so long will fail.

Elizabeth this year celebrated his 92nd birthday, she
still actively performs his Royal duties. In the last two years she abandoned foreign voyages, but still attends as
at least 200 events. Last year the monarch was attended by nearly three hundred different kinds of
the ceremonies!

Recall that the planned surgery must
was to be her second surgery. Indeed, in early may
she underwent a cataract operation on both eyes. As a result, several weeks she was
compulsions to appear in public in dark glasses. However, Elizabeth still made
the exception on the occasion of the wedding of her grandson Prince Harry and Meghan Markle,
held on 19 may in Windsor. But the next morning she again hid
the eyes under the dark lenses.

However, we can say that for his age
the Queen was able to maintain good health. She still
regularly performs in Windsor walks in the saddle (where she, of course, help
climbing) on his favorite horse. Over the preceding 10 years, she has been
in the hospital only once — in 2013 when she was hospitalized on the occasion

Queen Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle