The project “heads and Tails. Shopping” at “Friday!” is closed

Проект «Орел и Решка. Шопинг» на «Пятнице!» закрывается
The ether is preparing the latest edition of the program.

The team of the project “heads and tails. Shopping”

Leading the project “heads and Tails. Shopping” Mary Ivanova
announced to fans that three years later the program closes. Through
a week will be broadcast the last edition of the show.

“After a week you’ll see our latest edition of “eagle and
Tails. Shopping,” he shared with fans Maria. — Yes, three years of life
non-stop. New city, flights, people, time zones, new food, again Luggage,
flight delays, laughter and tears, miles listened to music, sleepless nights, and landscapes, which froze the heart and the most bizarre purchase ever. And only
we understand why a dream job is not a dream job, but it is the most
my favorite job in the world. Stop. Removed”.

By the way, during one of the editions of “heads and tails. Shopping” Mary Iacovou had to endure one
of the most terrible shocks of his life. The trip to Colombia was
When Mary and Yegor Kalenikov, another presenter of the project “heads and tails.
Shopping”, landed in Bogota, guests from Russia were warned that
attraction of the capital of the Latin American country — the permanent dismantling between criminal
groups. Therefore, the first purchase of Masha became a vest, the more that find
specialty stores with similar goods in the city was easy. However, the presenter could hardly
to assume that your purchase she will try.