The producer of the “Harry Potter” film about Willy Wonka

Продюсер «Гарри Поттера» снимает фильм про Вилли Вонку

Warner Bros. fleeced once again to film the work of Roald Dahl, in which we are talking about the owner of the chocolate factory of Willy Wonka.
At the moment the project is under development, identifies the names of the people who will be responsible for producing, directing and script writing.

It is known that the adaptation of the book into the script will do Simon rich (“the secret life of Pets”). Producerii the function takes on David Heyman who already has proven successful in creating “Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban”.

Release date new film about the eccentric owner of the chocolate factory is not specified.

Recall the first time the story of Willy Wonka was filmed in 1971. Then the main role is played by gene Wilder. in 2005 their own version called “Charlie and the chocolate factory” produced by Tim Burton. Willy Wonka in the movie was played by johnny Depp.