Князь Монако не приготовил подарок жене на день рождения

Unfortunately, men are very attentive to important dates. Was no exception and Prince of Monaco albert. Last week wife of albert, Charlene and his sister Caroline were celebrating their birthdays, but the wife of Prince could remain without a gift, if it is not reminded journalists pointeresovatsya that albert has prepared Charlene.

To this question he did not know how to answer. A few seconds weather albert said that not undecided, but most likely will stop at the decorations. Finally rehabilitated in the eyes of the correspondents, the Prince tried by saying that “late gifts lately his thing”. Whatever that means…

We will remind that recently in the press quite often there are reports that the Royal family is not so smooth. Rumor has it that Princess Charlene are at least three times trying to leave Monaco, and her back was possible only with the help of the police. I wonder how will develop further relationships of this pair?