Линдси Лохан побывала в гостях у президента Турции

On the news about the change of religion, Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan continues to amaze fans. Artist, who, if you believe the rumors, he converted to Islam, met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife Emine.

On his page in the social network Lindsay issued a joint the family of the President of Turkey and signed it: “My dream has come true: President Erdogan and the first lady invited me to her house. Their assistance to Syrian refugees truly inspiring.”
As it became known later, Lindsay came to Turkey as a volunteer to visit Syrian refugees. A similar visit, the actress struck in October last year.
Recall that a few weeks ago, Lindsay has removed all photos from Instagram, leaving only the Muslim greeting “Salam Alaikum”, which has prompted netizens to the idea that Lohan has accepted Islam. The artist herself has not commented on this information.