Лена Летучая возьмет после свадьбы фамилию мужа

TV presenter, unlike many stars, not afraid to lose the untwisted name.

Very soon, the 37-year-old star of “revizorro” will become the official wife of businessman Yury Anashenkov and, to the surprise of their fans, will take her husband’s name. More precisely, will wear a double surname: Bat-Anashenkov.

“My fiancé and I have decided that I will have a double surname,” – said Lena in an interview. But who was the initiator of this decision, the media personality has left a secret. However, this is not important, important is that Bats intends to combine family and career, delighting us with new esters.

Previously, we recall, the media was rumored that Lena left “Revizorro” at the request of her future husband. But this news was wrong. First, Volatile is left on the project, but as a producer, not leading. And secondly, Yuri her career ambitions do not interfere.

“Yura didn’t make me leave “Revizorro” how many people write on the Internet. Just to build a family in the eternal road will not work. With the stomach will not altaassa in the country, but the house does not zasyadesh – need to adapt to changing priorities, able to combine”, – said the presenter. Read more HERE.

Note that Volatile doesn’t like to keep my private life private: she’s not coming out with the groom in light, isn’t posting photos of them together on the social network. And after the wedding, Lena also plans to let journalists and fans in their private lives. It is known that she refused to wedding photo shoots for major publications. According to her, their wedding will be held in modest surroundings in the presence of those closest to you.

By the way!

It became known that the main career of the country’s 34-year-old TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak waiting for the firstborn. The other day she attended the opening of an exhibition of léon Bakst in Moscow and surprised others, with a distinctly rounded belly (see photo HERE).

Earlier, the actor Maxim Vitorgan admitted that they Ksenia dreaming about the baby and actively working on it.

However, the mother Sobchak Lyudmila Narusova ambiguously commented on the news about what’s going to be a grandmother.

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