Тяжело больная Шер предчувствует скорую кончину
The singer divided his inheritance between relatives.


Photo: Splash News/East news

Cher decided not to repeat
error Prince, whose fortune after his death broke real
the war between relatives, and pre-announced his will. However, did
she is not from fleeting desires, but, according to the tabloid RadarOnline, on a hunch
his possible demise.

As reported by foreign
Media, last month cher in haste purchased several country houses
for their children — Elijah blue Almena and Chaz Bono. In addition, she bought a mansion in Beverly hills and sister
gave her a piece of their finances. According to a source close to the singer
she doesn’t want her death became the cause of strife in the family over the split of the inheritance. By the way, as
Cher is estimated at the impressive sum of 305 million us dollars.

The official representative of the
has not commented on the actions of the singer, but the press has already appeared
the information that her health is in serious condition. In the 80-ies cher
suffered a disease caused by the Epstein-Barr, and in 2014
picked up another virus, which dealt a serious blow to her kidneys. In the result
long illness she was very thin and looked tired.

However, this is not to say,
that cher got into bed and waits for his death, because it’s not in her nature. Singer
still hopes to continue its tour, which was interrupted due to illness,
continues to appear on television shows, participate in photo shoots. Not to mention the fact that in
may it celebrated its 70th anniversary. So it’s possible that cher
only secure and “will have spent” more than one your anniversary.

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