Ведущий шоу «Холостяк» Крис Харрисон интригует нетрадиционным окончанием сезона шоу

Everything points to the fact that the end of this season of the Bachelor will be very wild. We caught Chris Harrison thinking about what probably had to happen, and he admitted that even he was “amazed” with the way things turned out.
After 23 season of the show “the Bachelor” and 15 seasons of “the Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” Chris Harrison has seen almost everything, and maybe even more — but this did not prevent him to completely catch him off guard during the 24th season of “the Bachelor,” with Peter Webber starring! “The final part will shake your world, because it shook our world!”, — Chris said in an interview at the winter press tour of the television critics Association 2020. “Peter… it shook our world blew up us, the earth shook with delight under us 100 percent.”

During the premiere of the show January 6, viewers were presented showing the end of the show a clip from the final rose ceremony. In the picture, he comes to Peter and tells him, “There’s something I just learned — we all just learned. I’m not sure how it would end, so I just wanted to warn you”. Peter looks upset upon hearing this news, and tells the producers: “It’s just the last thing I needed to hear”. Extremely unusual to show such videos to the beginning of the season, and Chris admitted that the producers had done “a brilliant and intriguing move.” “This gives you some idea of what will happen next,” he explained.
Chris also explained the season as a “roller coaster ride, unlike the one we had before,” and praised Peter for what he is “good on this trip”. He compared Peter with the bachelorette last season, Hannah brown, in the sense that they are both not afraid to be vulnerable. “He lets you,” Chris said. “You see the scars and all. This is one of the few people that can allow you to truly enjoy this trip, because most people protect themselves. It’s human nature. But they do not – for that they thank you.
Fans saw the vulnerability of the relationship of Peter and Hannah at the premiere of “the Bachelor,” when she came in and met him for the second time. Hannah dumped Peter after a fantastic Suite on “the Bachelor,” but at the moment of their reconciliation, she admitted she questioned that decision every day. 24-year-old actress Hannah brown during a conversation with Peter has left more confusion in the shower, but as ever — he even asked her to come on the show and become part of their new season! However, viewers have to wait until the release of episode 13 Jan, to see what was the solution to Hannah.

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