Тренер Хилари Дафф раскрыл секреты тренировки, позволяющей ей быть стройной

If you’re looking for a quick and effective workout for the muscles of the whole body, search no more, because the coach, Hilary Duff, Jonathan Tylicki, shared the secrets of how to tone in just 20 minutes a day!
Just in time for the new year, trainer of celebrities Jonathan Tylicki whose clients are 32-year-old Hilary Duff, Alicia keys, 38, and David Bardou, 44 years old, shared in an interview, the 20-minute workout for the whole body, which will give you a great shape. Jonathan, who is the Director of education training Studio, said that interval training is one of the best workouts.

“Interval training is the best way to train for a long time. This is a great way to relax in the gym, if you are a beginner. Interval training means alternating periods of intensity. It may be just 10 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes strength training on the total training duration. If you are just starting, don’t think you will have to spend an hour on cardio and an hour strength training. Start small, and as you progress you can do more long/short, more intense intervals”.
Jonathan shared that you don’t need to visit a gym or have home equipment to do a great workout. “Exercise has been proven to your body weight promote fat loss and increase muscle mass, but also enable you to stabilize and balance the muscles compared to machines. Many of our workouts consist of body weight and a towel — you’ll be surprised how much you can do with a towel and warm up that it causes! On our online platform “On Demand” there is a great workout for traveling without equipment that will guide you during your workouts for the entire body or more concentrated forces and cardio”.

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