Премьерный выпуск «Голос.Дети» привел в ужас Агату Муцениеце
The actress said about their experiences.

Agata Muceniece

Photo: the frame of the program “the Voice.Children”

Kicked off a new season of the popular show “the Voice.Children.» This year, we changed the composition of mentor music competition. Judge young participants came from Pelageya, Valery Meladze and that’s that. Dmitriy Nagiev was left in its “rightful” place, but his co-host Svetlana Zeynalov was replaced by Agatha muceniece.

Fans do not doubt that the actress will cope with its role perfectly. And so it was. Agate fit in with the team “Voice.Children.» She instantly finds a rapport with the children and chooses the correct words to support young artists. But Agatha’s first release with his participation was disappointed.

All because naturally slender muceniece looked in the frame is a little larger than usual. Perhaps Agatha picked up not the best outfit, and maybe it was in the proverbial camera “adds” 10 extra pounds. But after the airing of the premiere issue, the actress decided to go on a strict diet. “Watched “The Voice.Children!» Need to lose weight!”wrote muceniece and pulled in photos posted in microblogging, full horror face.

However, fans of Agatha asked her not to worry about appearance, because those who follow her work know she is now in good shape. “The extra pounds come and go, but this open living and leading in “the Voice”. Attaboy!”— encourage her friends.