The pregnant wife of Dmitry Sokolov showed tummy

Беременная жена Дмитрия Соколова показала животик The wife of the founder of the show “Ural dumplings” – 29-year-old Ksenia getting ready to become a mother for the third time. She is in ninth month of pregnancy and recently shared a touching photo of their location on the page of the microblog.

Ksenia have ceased to hide their pregnancies and often shares photos on Instagram, where it shows a rounded tummy. The other day the wife of Dmitry Sokolov posted a tender photo, than touched by its subscribers.

The baby will be the fifth child for Dmitry Sokolov. From his first marriage, the artist is 24-year-old son Alexander and 14-year-old daughter Anna. The showman and his wife Xenia have two joint children – a daughter Masha, which for almost five years, and of the son Vanya, who recently turned two years old.

“The husband and wife should constantly show each other signs of the most tender attention and love. Happiness of life is made up of individual moments, of small, quickly forgettable pleasures of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment, and countless small but kind thoughts and sincere feelings. Love too needs its daily bread. (Holy Martyr Alexander)” – Ksenia signed his photo in the microblog.

“You look beautiful, Xenia, and words to the point” “What you tender”, “Let your family still growing and growing,” “I Subscribe to every word!”, – did not hide emotions the followers of Xenia.

Dmitri and Ksenia got married in 2011. The pair met thanks to the game in the WHC. After the divorce with his first wife Sokolov became a jury member of the “club of cheerful and resourceful”. One of the games he noticed a pretty girl from the team “Irina Mikhailovna”. Ksenia captivated the artist at first glance, but a closer look they managed later at a party of friends in Sochi. Thus began their brilliant novel that grew into a big family.

At the end of February the wife of the comedian shared a photo on Instagram, where she announced that their family will soon be replenished. “In these pictures we share with you our news, our girl!” – signed the girl a series of pictures.

Xenia not only educates children and is family – it helps Dmitry to write scripts for the show “Ural dumplings” and is present on all shots.