Беременная звезда «Дома-2» Алена Ашмарина объяснила разрыв с Ильей Григоренко The girl is tired from the deception of the elect. Despite the fact that Alena ashmarina and Ilya Grigorenko will soon become parents for the second time, they decided to leave. However, the man wants to return to family and cannot imagine her life without the people you love.
Беременная звезда «Дома-2» Алена Ашмарина объяснила разрыв с Ильей Григоренко

Recently former participant of the reality show Alena ashmarina has announced that she’s splitting up with her lover Ilya Grigorenko. Despite the fact that the couple will soon become parents, the girl did not suffer an unacceptable attitude. Now the man was left with a dog that even slightly helps him deal with emotional pain.

“Wandering for four days… But I understand that can’t live without you and love you. At the same time, I don’t understand why I deserve to lose the happiness, all the most precious thing in my life, my angel I have waited so long and whom I have long loved. You know how I love when family is together. You know it’s everything to me. Very sorry that you feel that you have the right to deprive a person of the most Holy,” – said the man in the social network.

Alena told me what really happened between them. In her opinion, Elijah has become very secretive. It seemed as if beloved man is cheating on her. Ashmarina Grigorenko asked to see his phone to calm your nerves. The girl was surprised and alarmed that the chosen one refused to give access to messages.

“After having overcome myself, offered to go to a photo shoot, but with a heavy heart. Then I got really sick, had a temperature of 38.2, I was lying, I couldn’t get up, the next day you’re the morning was annoyed about something and somehow on me! I asked: give me a hug, you ignored, for what? Then came my grandmother, you become sweet with her. After, I swear by my children, the grandmother witnessed how on an empty place you’re so freaked out from me, I stood in my underwear with my grandmother”, – said Alena.

This was the cause of a quarrel between lovers. Ilya decided to pack up and leave Saint Petersburg. Alena, which will soon become a mother for the second time, I was surprised at the behavior of the elect. The man decided to take a shower. Apparently, he forgot to close the door because she saw that Ilya was just arguing with the phone. Then she asked him to leave. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” Alena ashmarina will become a mother for the second time

“Take responsibility for their own actions, stop blaming others! I keep quiet, how much I suffered neobratimykh of your escapades during this time, I bodyguards had to hire you! Should be ashamed, Ilya, blame me for your departure! Here from love to hate one step, so I never thought that I will cross!” – shared Alena in the social network.