Larisa Verbitskaya completed a course of rejuvenation

Лариса Вербицкая прошла курс омоложения The presenter shared the secrets of beauty and health. Larissa told how repairs itself during vacation, gave advice on nutrition and treatments. Verbitskaya found a place where people live at least a hundred years.
Лариса Вербицкая прошла курс омоложения

Host of “Good morning” on “the First channel” went to the Altai, where she decided not only to relax but also to rejuvenate.

“I’m not the first to come to Maria’s island – says “StarHit” 58-year-old Verbitskaya. – There are picturesque mountain views. This time, visited ancient temples and Teletskoe lake, where people live until a hundred years. Also discovered a unique procedure – antler baths with concentrate from antlers of deer. First, it is not very nice, because in the twenty minutes necessary to take in water from the mucous substance. Comfortable temperature – 37 degrees. After almost immediately noticeable rejuvenating effect, they say, and the immune system is restored. Also went to the mineral baths, wraps. Tried a honey massage. Experienced the super-effect from the cedar phyto barrels: healing steam cleanses the skin, improves metabolism, feel better.” Leading rated and local cuisine.

“I tried a traditional dish of talkan, it is prepared from flour coarsely ground and roasted barley. Eat it with milk and honey. It turns out satisfying!”
Лариса Вербицкая прошла курс омоложения
Лариса Вербицкая прошла курс омоложения

From the Altai Verbitskaya plans to return not only with new forces, but also to bring gifts. “Mom buy ointment for joints, – says Larissa. – Still there are good shampoos, creams and scrubs for the body… In General, a real Paradise for women”.

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