The police refused to initiate proceedings against Stephen fry

Полиция отказалась возбуждать дело против Стивена Фрая

Investigation against British actor Stephen fry, which began because of complaints about the artist statement about God was closed. The police did not find a sufficient number of outraged artist people to punish him.

According to the Guardian, complaints, only one viewer turned out to be too little in order to prosecute and punish him by a fine of 25 thousand euros.
Recall that the scandal stretches back to 2015, when Steven was in the program “Sense of life”, said that does not respect God for what he has created “a world full of pain and injustice.” One of the spectators was so outraged that he decided to turn to law enforcement, to give assessment to the actions of fry. The law, adopted in 2009, prescribes punishment for blasphemers if they their actions or words have offended a significant number of religious people.