The perfect husband: Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a million dollars

Идеальный муж: Канье Уэст подарил Ким Кардашьян миллион долларов

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West family budget not: the rapper always brings expensive gifts to his wife. It would seem that each couple gives gifts to each other, but then Kanye showed up. He gave sweetheart a million dollars!

Generous gifts, the rapper does not just. It turns out, Kim has offered to advertise one sports brand, the name of which star did not disclose, for a million dollars. The brand competes with Kanye Yeezy. As a decent wife Kim asked the opinion of my husband and he said, “No, baby, I don’t want you to do that. I understand that it’s too much money”.

After a week the whole world celebrated Mother’s Day. Then Kanye decided to make his wife a surprise. “Mother’s day was next week. In the occasion I get flowers and an envelope. I opened it and there was a check for a million dollars with a note that said: “Thank you for always support me.” Also in the envelope was a contract in which I would become the owner of Yeezy to have a percentage of sales. He’s so cute,” admitted Kim in a new radio program Ashley Graham Pretty Big Deal With Ashley Graham.

These gifts I hope will more than compensate for the problems in the marriage of Kim and Kanye that sometimes occur. Recently released a new episode of reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where very often reveals interesting facts about the family and no less interesting news. So Kim told about how I almost broke up with her husband Kanye after the birth of her third child. Little Chicago, named after the hometown of her husband, endured a surrogate mother, but the mother because of this, more time on child care did not. This topic is not alien to any of the mothers, but also for celebrities.

Kim, raising three children, having an active social life and responsible for their cosmetics line, has clearly had the time to fully care for the whole family. This affects not only her children but also her husband. “When you have three kids, it’s like a madhouse. I was annoyed by the fact that Kanye did not understand, did not see, as I get tired. I think that such a crisis experience many couples. Men don’t get enough attention, and they want you to communicate with them like another child,” says Kim. Well aware of her sisters: Courtney have three children, Chloe just had our first kid.

But it’s not just the lack of time. A stumbling block have also become social networks and the popularity of Kim. Kanye believes that his wife is obliged in terms of popularity. Once the frame has completely changed the style of his wife: threw all the old stuff and filled with new. After Kanye began to control the virtual life of Kim, she was always on top of popularity. However, this concern did not turn out anything good.