Участницы шоу «Холостяк» оправдались за конфликты Girls commented on the sticky situation project. The first days of stay in Thailand began with a scandal. The girls accused one of the participants in an attempt to trick Alexei Vorobyov.

      Участницы шоу «Холостяк» оправдались за конфликты

      Last Saturday aired on TNT there was a second edition of the new season of the show “the Bachelor.” Alexei Vorobyov and 16 participants arrived in Thailand, where he immediately began a fierce struggle for the heart enviable groom. From the first days of the stay the participants started scheming. Model that claimed earlier on the work in shooting in the style of “Nude” Alla Berger heard her rival Maria sheds tears for the unknown man. Thinking that Mary is cheating on Alexis, she was left alone with the bachelor and shared with them their assumptions about heartaches Gur’eva and her broken heart. Mary had to defend myself and to justify that, in fact, she perfectly managed. But the conflict has not been exhausted – Alla has set him an ultimatum – either she goes, or Masha. After the incident, the girls explained their behavior.

      The first intrigue of the show “the Bachelor-4”: what’s left overs

      “I just didn’t want the boy lied because he very nice to me, – said Alla Berger. – Of course, I didn’t believe her excuse. I hope Alex also made his conclusions. For this justification was so obvious, he would say: “do Not believe!” About leaving if Alex will leave Masha in the project, I blurted out without thinking. Just do not want to be around such a person. After the ceremony, passing by, Masha something muttered under his breath, but to talk to each other we did not. I hope Alex realized who she really is”.

      Later Maria and she hastened to explain. The girl noted that her behavior of the opponent is not the right sovesm judged and jumped to conclusions. As it turned out, she really had to survive the betrayal of a loved one, but this does not mean that she would not want to find a new love. “As soon as I step over the threshold of the show, I learned shocking news about the betrayal of my former lover. I cried the entire flight to Thailand, but instead of sympathy got the bandwagon. Methods of Alla petty for me and Dickie, and I chalked it up to the age of the girls,” said Guriev.

      Участницы шоу «Холостяк» оправдались за конфликты

      I must say that sparrows, as befits a real man, not went on about the girls and made his own decision, leaving the project and Alla and Masha. Moreover, he said that the girls will not be able to manipulate him.

      “I can pretend to succumb to the manipulation here, just to see what will happen next, and to be able to understand the person. Nothing more. Women are creatures that learn until the end is impossible. But the methods of manipulation I know almost everything”, – said Vorobyov.

      Recall that Alexei was able to make the final of the second series of the suspense. When they were all handed out 15 roses, without their precious flower was only Natalia Tkalina. It in the first edition not accepted the rose from the bachelor, but later came to his senses and apologized to him. The audience waited, that she will leave the project, but it turned out that Alex only wanted to return her the favor. He asked the organizers to bring him a rose, thereby again breaking the rules of the project.


      Участницы шоу «Холостяк» оправдались за конфликты

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