Памела Андерсон советуется с сыновьями по поводу того, что носить

Peak of fame Pamela Anderson meets came at a time when she starred in the TV series “Baywatch”. Since then, the model and actress has frequently appeared on TV or the big screen, but even when this happened, no one Busty blondes are unable to compete with the “Rescuers”.

Recently Pamela has activated. Now 48-year-old Anderson is back in the spotlight: she gladly removed for gloss (Pamela became a star, starring for the latest issue of Playboy with naked models), participate in various campaigns and promotions.

And has recently become the face of Missguided fashion collection. However, contemporary fashion at pam, as she says, the relationship is unimportant.

To understand what to wear to an event Anderson help her sons Dylan and Brandon.

“They give me great recommendations. And I keep asking, what to wear and what to combine with what. Dylan says I’m old-fashioned. You know, I have in the dressing room there is a compartment, which houses many beautiful and memorable things. The dress and accessories that gave me friends like Gianni Versace (Gianni Versace) and Alaya (Alaïa). So I am not fond of fashion shopping” — said the star.

By the way, the figure of pam in fact never changed. Anderson always slim and athletic, because to wear something “old” for her is no problem.


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