The paparazzi took a photo of Jared Leto with a young Russian model ?

The paparazzi took a photo of Jared Leto with a young model from Russia Jared Leto he tried very hard, but, nevertheless, he could not hide his new girlfriend from the ubiquitous paparazzi. Photographers took a photo of the “sweet couple” during a joint holiday with friends. Recall that at the moment the actor spends time in the Italian resort of Portofino. Jared Leto with a young model from Russia” />

The media quickly declassified the name and age of Jared's companion. She turned out to be 25-year-old Russian model Daria Korchina.

Not much is known about Daria, but from the information that is on the Web, it becomes clear that she can fully support herself. Dasha works in Europe and the USA, she has several lucrative contracts with brands that consistently pay for shows and filming. Dasha can be seen on the catwalk in Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana outfits, as well as on the covers of glossy magazines, including Vogue. Well, and, of course, Korchina maintains her own blog, where she also earns a “penny”.

But, of course, they never talked about the young lady as loudly as after the publication of joint photos with Jared on the Internet.

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It's no secret that in America, Jared is one of the most eligible suitors. True, they talk about his bisexuality, so not only girls can apply for a place in Leto's bed.

So far, as we can see, Jared has given preference to a female representative. Read more: 1 2 3 next. →

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