The next Angelina Jolie not happy with her new neighbors

Соседство с Анджелиной Джоли не устраивает ее новых соседей
Recently, popular actress Angelina Jolie bought a mansion near the house of the ex-wife of brad pitt.

Соседство с Анджелиной Джоли не устраивает ее новых соседей

Now Angelina is trying to arrange the house according to the rules. To the mansion we drive huge trucks carrying things star than disgruntled neighbors.

“She’s completely paralyzed the movement. And working in her garden round the clock noise and cut down trees” — shared by local residents.

Neighbors also expressed concern for the six children of celebrities, according to them, they are rude and they have a problem.

“All the time they spent with their parents in a permanent move. They had no time to get a decent education. We worry that they will be a bad influence on our children,” says the neighbor.

Apparently, local still nothing to worry about, because most likely the children practically do not go beyond the territory of the mansion, there is something to do for all children Jolie.

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