Новый сезон шоу «Черно-белое» начался со скандала In the black team of psychics was a conflict. Participant of the second season of the show “Black and white” Maria Vorontsova was particularly noted by observers, but to find a common language with his team.

      Новый сезон шоу «Черно-белое» начался со скандала

      In the First channel started the show “Black and white”. The second season of the popular mystical program promises to be exciting and full of unexpected twists. One of them’s already happened right during the filming.

      Team black magicians included the strongest psychics, the selection of which occurred all over the country from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, as well as other parts of the globe. Each of the mediums has unique abilities, but the characters are different. Sometimes bright individuals difficult to communicate with each other, especially if we are talking about people with unusual data.

      Clairvoyant Maria Vorontsova from the first minutes of the show revealed himself as a strong mage. It brilliantly passed the test by a TV presenter Svetlana Kuritsyna. It soon became clear that not all psychics from the team of black for the soul of the neighborhood with a mysterious and aloof Mary. On the way to the next job some of the mages in pretty rough shape began to Express their grievances Vorontsova about the fact that she’s acting too aloof and not trying to find a common language with the team.

      “People are accustomed to the fact that all around them are obliged to live and act according to their rules and attitudes. But setup something different for everyone, because we all have different levels of development and awareness. For example, for me personally, is unacceptable, absolutely when a stranger makes persistent attempts to communicate with me on a short leg allows itself to cronyism and the introduction of my personal space, explained “StarHit” your position, Mary. – And again: where are the focus, funneling energy. If people like it voluntarily and gratuitously to give it to me, how could I deny them this whim?”

      According to a clairvoyant, in peace and quiet to her is the easiest way to restore energy and gain strength for the completion of tasks. In addition, it uses special equipment and don’t forget to refresh after the test – after all, food also provides energy.

      It is noteworthy that Mary is not like most psychics who wear black robes, adorn themselves with massive jewelry and flashy makeup is applied. From the outside, it gives the impression of single-minded and sensible girl. By the way, for the first time Vorontsov felt their unique abilities in the deep childhood, when her grandfather. The girl saw in the room of a relative who was buried. Later Mary began to develop her gift and to help other people.

      During the passage of the second test in “Black and white” Vorontsov was able to see how died the son of the woman who contacted the show. Clairvoyant even felt his presence in the room. Surviving grief the mother was grateful to Mary, as well as with the rest of the observers particularly noted in the end of the program. “Not the first time I’m unclear circumstances of death. The main thing is to find the right thread, and then the information arrives as needed and importance,” says Vorontsov.

      The next edition of the show featuring team black magicians can be seen on First channel today.

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