Марине Ким тяжело дается материнство The pregnant presenter admitted that she prefers working with children. She also shared why went on the air immediately after a few months after her birth, Briany.

      Марине Ким тяжело дается материнство

      32-year-old star of the First channel Marina Kim is now expecting her second child. About my personal life and family of the TV presenter prefers not to talk very much. Unlike other famous moms, Marina rarely indulges its subscribers in Instagram photos daughter Briana, preferring them pictures of the working process, because every day Marina wishes “good morning” to the people of Russia live one of the most popular programmes of the country. Many are accustomed to greet the dawn with Marina Kim, as well as, interestingly, spends his days TV star, combining work and motherhood? By his own admission, it is difficult for her.

      Marina Kim in interviews have repeatedly said that it is much more like going to work instead of sit at home and babysit children. The nature of combat Marina helped her carry the news (which, as is known, dynamic, dry and sufficiently “hard” genre, which can handle not every girl is the leading) for several years. In addition to informing viewers on the latest developments in Russia and the world, Kim also for some time was engaged in analysis of Asian stock indices, another “unfeminine”.

      But at some point, Kim suddenly left news journalism. She began to keep entertainment program “Good morning”. Marina does not hide from the press that pushed the birth of Briana. “News is too hard, predatory, the business environment, to return to the child with this cargo,” he told TV host edition of “Daughters-mothers”.

      Kim also willingly admits that she is hard to raise a daughter. “Motherhood is a lot of work, so, honestly, I don’t know how to work as a mother,” confessed the star. This may be due to workaholism Marina. “Happiness for me is not enough to be a mother, it’s also important to be professional in demand”, – admitted to journalists of the leading. So Marina dared to take part in extreme show “Without insurance” and performed various stunts, decent experienced stuntmen, for example, jumping over a horse, was engaged in aerial gymnastics. Of course, the project has not been without injuries: in a training session Kim had cracked a rib. But not for long lasted life-threatening exercise – Marina learned that is in an interesting position and left the project.

      About the future child of Kim yet, little is known. The star does not advertise the name of his father (the same situation, however, and with her daughter Marina Brunoy) and calls this “taboo” topic. In addition, Marina prefers not to prepare for childbirth and the first months of a child’s life, as do many mothers-celebrity. She believes that everything should happen by itself. Even losing weight – according to Marina, he leaves her almost immediately after the appearance of the baby born.

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