Vladimir Sychev's romance with Aisurat Shamanova was talked about online Filming of the film “On the ruble without the ruble” ended the day before “”.

Vladimir Sychev's affair with Aisurat Shamanova was talked about online One The popular actor Vladimir Sychev played the main roles in this film, but Aysurat Shamanova acted as the director and producer of this film. , but until recently, no one spoke about the secret relationship between them, especially since Sychev is married, and Shamanova, it seems, is married.

But the day before, actress Maria Paley published their joint photo on her page on the social network. On the one hand, there is nothing surprising in the fact that they were photographed together, but in her comment, Maria called them her favorite couple, and this is already a hint of something more than just a business relationship.

So, now the attention of the press to this a couple, will definitely grow up.

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