Anna Sedokova's eldest daughter celebrated her coming of age The singer congratulated her child and lamented her hard life.< p>
Anna Sedokova's eldest daughter celebrated her majority
Anna Sedokova has three children from different men. True, not all children live with a famous mother.

Anna Sedokova's eldest daughter celebrated her coming of age

For example, the court awarded custody of the middle daughter Monica to her father, businessman Maxim Chernyavsky. And the eldest daughter Alina from the first marriage of the artist with football player Valentin Belkevich has long been independent, lives and studies in America. And yesterday she turned 18.

Anna Sedokova's eldest daughter celebrated her coming of age

On this occasion, the ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” congratulated her successor.

“You are 18 today. Can you imagine? Daughter, you are eighteen today! You have already experienced so much in your life, changed countries, lost loved ones, truly loved. You live in the fastest city on our planet, you earn money yourself, you make all the decisions yourself, but you have always been like that. Since birth. Except for this red beret in the photo. This is my decision and my mistake. But, despite this, you have grown up to be the most stylish person on the planet, perfectly combining second-hand clothes with LV. Not changing either with a Troika card in your pocket or in a Maybach. And this says a lot, ”Sedokova wrote on her blog, also noting that she and Alina are not only mother and daughter, but also best friends.

Now Anya is married again, this time to the unfortunate basketball player Janis Timma, who plays in some small-town club of the American outback. But she has not had time to give birth to him yet.

What is surprising, according to many sources, the problems in Timma's career began just after he contacted Sedokova and left his wife and child in Latvia.
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