В сеть попало редкое фото семьи Майкла Дугласа
The actor is extremely proud to have become a grandfather.

Michael Douglas is a senior along with all her three children, daughter and granddaughter


The eldest son of Michael Douglas — Cameron — shared
with image, for which his father, Douglas Sr. posed with their three children
sister-in-law and granddaughter. In this part of the family of Michael has not yet acted. After all
a friend of Cameron, son Vivian Tibbs — gave birth to the baby Lua is less than
about a month ago. And Michael and his two younger children — 17-year-old Dylan and 14-year-old Caris is missed the birth of girls because they were at the time
vacation in Thailand.

As admitted by Michael, he is extremely proud that for the first time became a grandfather. “We’re all in
admiration of Lua, including Dylan and Caris who really like to be
my aunt and uncle!”. How to tell the baby’s father Cameron, the birth of a daughter,
born 18 Dec
2017 marked for him the beginning
new, and, he hoped, happy life. “Today I witnessed a miracle
— the birth of my daughter. She helped come into this world my beautiful
Amazon. I’m so proud of her!” — wrote Cameron in the day when was born on Lua. And
now he wants to become a better father for my daughter, leaving the past all
their mistakes.

We will remind, since
as Cameron, a son Michael from his first marriage to Diandra luker, the freed from
prison, where he was imprisoned for 7 years for trying to sell drugs to the agent in
civilian clothes, he leads an exemplary lifestyle. Cameron is allowed to move in
Los Angeles, and he’s going
to return to an acting career, which was interrupted by his criminal