Таинственная смерть юной модели шокировала общественность Raud Atif passed away in a College Dorm. The police assumes that she committed suicide, but whether this is so, is not known. Friends and teachers of the models shocked by what happened. From Raud, seemed very cheerful person.

      Таинственная смерть юной модели шокировала общественность

      Western journalists have reported the unexpected death of 21-year-old model Ready Atif brilliant appeared on the cover of the Indian Vogue in October 2016. The girl was found dead in the hostel of a medical College in the city of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. According to preliminary data, the young fashion model hung himself on the chandelier. In defense of this view say the facts that the room Atif was locked from the inside, and her body found no marks of violence.

      Police believe that Raud decided to commit suicide because suffered from depression, the reasons for which we can only guess. Even close friends, as stated by the law enforcement officers knew nothing about the personal life of Atif.

      Teachers and classmates Rowdy claim that she was a very cheerful and friendly.

      “I have no idea why she decided to commit suicide. Still can’t believe it… I remember her as a very happy person. She was an inspiration to many people,” says one of the friends mannequins.

      The sources close to the girl to assure that she was well able to combine a modelling career and College. Frequent absence did not prevent Atif all the time and you will not encounter problems with the assimilation program.

      “Of course, what she wore at work, was against our dress code. But she never allowed himself to dress in a similar clothes on campus. Raud looked quite modest and were very polite. She respected our rules and we respected her choice. We have never encroached on the personal lives of students”, – said Secretary of the University, Riyadh Abdul Aziz.

      To honor the memory of deceased students, the College canceled classes for the day. According to Riyadh, the school has also formed a special Committee, which began investigating the mysterious death of the girl. Police believe that the autopsy can shed light on the causes of death of the models, however, her family strongly opposed such a procedure.

      We also add that Raud Atif became famous after the publication of the photos “Maldivian girl with beautiful eyes”, released 2014. At the time this image created a furor in the Network. After a couple of years Raud appeared on the cover of Indian Vogue magazine. “Modeling is a hobby, not a career for me, as I study to become a doctor,” said Atif correspondents of the periodical.