Special daughter Danko does first steps

Особенная дочь Данко делает первые шаги Parents continue to fight for the health of little Agatha. The singer Danko and his wife Natalia do everything possible to improve the girl’s condition. Now the girl passes the next course of rehabilitation.

      The whole country was supported by the Alexander Fadeev, better known as Danko and his wife, Natalia, Agatha when their newborn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite his illness, the family is not giving up and is trying to develop the girl, like all children. Parents teach baby to dance, draw, swim, regularly turn to the experts for medical examinations and professional help. In addition, the daughter of znamenitosti already taking the first steps under the supervision of senior.

      And now, Agatha, along with her mother is in rehab “Blagodatnoe nebo” in the Moscow region. There are all conditions for that recovery took place as efficiently as possible. Residents with a cottage. About how is being treated and why the family chose this location to subscribers microblog said the girl’s mother.

      “The first time we came here by accident, is sick, and still do not understand how we are lucky. Now it was our long-awaited arrival, as after the first course was real results, and this is not always possible to boast! Only one gymnastics instructor Elena Pavlovna’s worth it to get here. Not only that it does effectively, it teaches parents to classes did not stop at home! Of course, we in addition, the center engaged, but I never taught anywhere else we have not achieved what you see in our photos! Even here, speech therapy, motor skills, massage therapist, on the platform of Galileo, and massage type of Ayurveda (it is difficult to classify, similar to Thai massage, and Ayurveda, and manualku a little),” – wrote in Instagram Natalia.

      Also, the woman said that before there was even a pool, but due to weather conditions it again will inflate only in the summer. She said that usually go to one of the best specialists of this centre is very difficult – turn. You have to sign up in advance, and wait a long time.

      “But now, due to the fact that the funds late, the centre may make those who pay for the treatment itself (fees, sponsors) out of turn! Decided to report this info, if someone wanted to, but got tired of waiting. And who was here write, how do you here?” asked wife Danko.

      Fans of Alexander Fadeev assured that he and his wife will be able to give Agatha a real childhood and to teach her everything I know the rest. Despite a disappointing diagnosis, the girl is making great strides and even showcases the talents. For example, the babe turned out to be very musical. Previously, the artist shared with followers a video where the daughter of the stars themselves playing the xylophone. Mother Danko refuses to communicate with a special granddaughter