The mother of the deceased in a foster child’s family is fighting for second son

Мать погибшего в приемной семье ребенка борется за второго сына Catherine wants to take the boy from the couple who died her heir. She tries to do everything to raise a child. A young woman came to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about what happened.
Мать погибшего в приемной семье ребенка борется за второго сына

In mid-may, the public were shocked with the story of the family of Paul. 47-year-old Natalia and her husband, 48-year-old Andrew arrived in the Rostov region of Volgograd to kidnap the child. They saw a boy Timur, who was walking with her grandmother, splashed in her face from the spray, and the baby is taken away in his car.

It was later revealed that the couple has four children, over whom they have guardianship, as well as blood heirs. However, the foster boy Egor died in the accident. Natalia decided never to speak, and simply to bury a body near his home. Family kidnapped the child, concealing the death of a foster baby

Andrey Malakhov discussed this topic in the program “Let them talk”. The Studio came a grandmother of the deceased Yegor. She told me that she foresaw the tragedy and even came to the house of Natalia and Andrei, to see her grandson. Tamara Nikulin admitted that he was forced to give the boy and his brother Daniel to another family. Her daughter went to work in another city, and then just stopped communicating. Out of desperation and lack of money the woman gave Yegor a couple of Paul.

Мать погибшего в приемной семье ребенка борется за второго сына

According to Tamara, the social workers promised that she will be free to see their grandchildren. However, the new family of the children wanted to make contact. After the abduction of Timur became clear that the adopted Egor was gone. My husband Natalia said that the boy is lost, but later found out that he died. In the program shown by the record of the investigative experiment, during which Natalia said that for 20 days the boy continued to live with burns – the skin gradually peels off, and then he stopped breathing. Experts in the Studio couldn’t believe what that woman said.

In the Studio there was a biological Egor’s mother Catherine Marenco.

“All my fault, I slipped, my fault, – with such words began the story of Catherine. – Of course, I didn’t want to. I crawled on his knees and begged to show the custody of the children. Said that I have a house not fit to live – should be a gas, rooms, computers”.
Мать погибшего в приемной семье ребенка борется за второго сына

Now a young woman tries to do everything to pick up second child from the foster family. Experts in the Studio were outraged by the bodies of guardianship and guardianship. Neighbors Paul said Andrei consume alcohol, and Natalie on investigative experiment admitted that the spouse is not actively involved in the upbringing of children.

In the Studio there was a leader of the guardianship and custody of Elena chernyshkova, which was released from his position during the investigation. She admitted that she felt responsible for the fact that the boy died.

Мать погибшего в приемной семье ребенка борется за второго сына

The teacher of the older children of the family of Paul Julia Velichko said that Serge caused her suspicions – the woman thought the boy hurt. Julia decided together with the teacher to come check out how the children live. However nothing wrong they found.

“I saw dad a few times, but never saw drunk,” he recalled about Pavlov.

Also his story was told biological mother Serezhi, Tatyana Ermakova. She admitted that she was deprived of parental rights because of problems with the law. The guardianship and guardianship also forbade her to communicate with her son.

Commissioner for the rights of the child in the Volgograd region Nina Boldyreva considers this a blatant case. Andrey Malakhov at the end of the program promised to take personal control of this case and if the administration of the Volgograd region will do nothing to solve the problem, they all will gather again in the Studio.