Мать Линдси Лохан прокомментировала, сменила ли дочь вероисповедание

A fan of Lindsay Lohan do not understand what is happening with their favorite. The actress recently cleaned up his Instagram account of all photos, and then left a greeting written in Arabic.

Some said that Lohan’s account was hacked, others say she changed her religion and became a Muslim.

Rumors fueled, and she Lindsay when I said that having studied the Koran, which she gave to her friends, she found a new meaning of life: “In America I have a lot of things happened over the last 10 years, and in London I have friends of Arab descent, who have always supported me. Once they gave me to read the Koran, and I continued to study it in new York — this book opened new doors in my spiritual development and I re-found the meaning of life”.

From the stars “a Kiss for luck” reporters fail to make comment. But the dialogue went mom actress. Fortunately, mother Lindsay decided to dispel all the rumors and reported that her 30-year-old daughter has decided to review his life and took a break in social networks. She also stated that to change the belief Lohan is not going to, but only takes your self.